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Catch Report 29.10.22

Short video of today's better catches on our winter uptiding trip

Overal everybody on the boat caught a cod to keep which in it self is a massive bonus some of them up until the last hour really struggled but managed to be kept busy catching other species like dogfish, ballen wrasse, pouting and even a whiting.

Heaviest fiah today was a 5lb Cod

Best bait today seamed to be dirty squid fished on its own which was slightly unusual as normally tipping off normally gives it a slight advantage.

Noticed today when gutting the fish they are slowly getting small roes forming so hopefully we shouldn't be far away from those better fish which come in the winter months.

We do have a single space at the moment for a 8 hour trip tomorrow 8am till 4pm.

Please call us on 07939025881 if your interested.

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