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Species hunt today went really well

Not done a catch report for a long while

So thought we best do a summary of what's going on.

Unfortunately every trip so far we have had easterly winds which make fishing difficult on the day. Anglers have been catching cod 2 to 3lb area on all the trips we've done and the odd better pollock. We've tried the grounds to the North and grounds to the South with very little difference.

So today we decided to do something a bit different and with the anglers happily catching and releasing fish.

We decided to do a species hunt and see how many different species we could catch in a trip.

This was thoroughly enjoyed by all anglers and in total we had 11 species caught today.

The fish and shellfish we had aboard the boat were cod, pollock, pouting, coalfish, whiting, lessor spotted dogfish, dab, flounder, lobsters, velvet crab, edible crab,

We tried for many other species of flat fish and rays but unfortunately we just couldn't tempt one on. Great sport on light tackle and using different skills, tackle and locations to try and tempt another species.

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