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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these frequently asked questions help find the answer your looking for if not give us a call on 07939025881.

How many people does the boat carry?

The boat is licenced for 12 passengers. However, you are welcome to book on as an individual or a small party and we will try and fill the boat up.


During the winter fishing period (Nov to March) we only take 10 anglers to give anglers more comfort and room while fishing at anchor.

Your Catch

You do keep all that you catch aboard the boat (as long as though it is above the minimum legal size). We will try our best to give you a good days sport. If you don''t like gutting and cleaning  fish then just ask and we will do it. We must hasten to add that it is illegal to sell any fish you have caught to try and cover the cost of your trip.


we also run a tackle shop so if you would like to purchase any items before your trip please visit our site and let us know and we will have it ready for you on the day of your trip.


If you want your catch filleting then I can do this for you ( at cost ! )  Please let me know well before we are due to set off for home and I will do it when we dock.


If you are staying overnight at Scarborough and have no where to store your fish, we have a warehouse with freezers available. You can pick your catch up the next day if we're not allready at sea. Please arrange with the skipper when you book so we can make sure we have enough room and can arrange a collection time.


There is plenty of accommodation in the town ranging from self catering cottages to B&Bs and hotels and even campsites on Scarborough's outskirts.

Booking / Contacting

The best way to contact us is by phone as we can answer all your questions so please call us on 07939 025881.


Please call at sensible times (between 8am - 9pm).


Yes we do take individuals. A lot of our trips are made up from individuals booking 1, 2, 3 places etc. You are more than welcome. If there are only 4 people booked on the boat we will still sail. You DON''T have to book the whole boat !!!!


The cost of an individual place or a whole boat are listed on our website

Hire Of Tackle

We can provide rods reels, tackle and bait for a additional £5 per person upto a 6 hour trip or an additional £10 per person for a trip longer than 6 hours.


Rods and reels that are lost or damaged will need to be paid for at the end of your trip.


If you decide to book the whole boat for the maximum 12 anglers the price is the cost of 11 anglers fishing so you could pay more per person to hire the full boat to yourselves or with 12 anglers the organiser can go for free or this saving can be split between the rest of the anglers.


We don't put anybody else on board if you book the whole boat whether you are booking her for 2 people or 8 people.


The sea is alot more exposed than land so always come in adequate clothing and footwear. We recomend all anglers bring waterproofs even if it is not forecast to rain as forecasts can be wrong and if the wind picks up the sea can generate alot of spray.

During the winter months a wooly hat is a must and during the summer we recommend all anglers have sunglasses, a sunhat and sun lotion as the suns rays are magnified by the sea.

Car Parking

Car Parking, Pick up Point etc

can be found on the where to find us page

No diving or swimming during our fishing or wildlife trips

unless it is part of a organised sea swim complete with the appropriate risk assessments and insurance. - For more details call us

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