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Fishing with

Shads, sandeels and Jellies

Fishing with Shads


Over the last few years more and more anglers are chosing to fish with shads.


We have found them to work effectivly on the rough ground inshore as well as the Wrecks.


When the water clears they can be absolutly deadly for cod and pollock.


Using Shads to catch fish involves using relatively light tackle.

we normally use between an 8oz to a 12oz lead to get the shad to the bottom.


We normally recommend anglers bring a good selection of colours and brands of shads with them. the most popular colours anglers use are orange, blue, yellow, white and black. but this doesnt mean other colour dont work.

How to use Shads

Shads can be weighted or unweighted,There is no need to use a boom style set up, we have found if you keep things simple it works as well or if not better. so this is what we recommend


"you simply tie a snap swivel to your main line and attach your weight into the snap. Then you need to tie a 30 pound snood of around four to six foot in length from the eye of your shad to a second snap swivel.


The second snap is also fastened into the top eye of the mainline swivel".


how you fish the shads is quite simple to, some anglers prefer to lower the shad to the bottom and slowly retreve the shad 20 turns or so and then lower the shad back down again. If you get a bite as your retreving just keep the same speed of retreve and the fish will eventually take the hook. some anglers like to jig the shad just above the wreck. both techniques seam to work well.

At skylark tackle we have a huge range of shads and jellies

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