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Free Hire Of Rods And Reels

On Skylark we have free hire of our rods and reels. All our rods are 6-7ft and fitted with the modern muiltiplier reels (not the traditional scarborough reels and fixed spools but we do have a few on board for those people who prefere to use them).


Terminal Tackle

We can also provide basic fishing tackle; this includes weights and rigs.


We carry some specialist tackle like pirks, sidewinders,eels shads. If you run out of the tackle you brought with you the tackle we carry aboard can be sold to you at additionl cost at the skippers discresion.

Note, Any loss or Breakages to Skylarks Rods and Reels have to be paid for at the end of the trip. Rods cost £20 Reels £30

Skylark Tackle

We a wearhouse company who only stock a small selection of mainly boat fishing tackle so we can give our customers fantastic value on the items we have in. we manufacture rigs, leads and lures and jellies which are made to a high standard. We also service reels and have a varied selection of frozen bait.


We are mainly a online and phone service and our warehouse is opointments only. This way we can keep our prices competative with other online shops and aution sites.


We can supply tackle directly to Skylark Fishing Trips Customers, at the same cost as this website minus any postage cost with cash sales, sales using the website and pick up from the boat have a small fee to cover a handling fee

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