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On the Skylark

Mackerel Fishing

When the Mackerel arrive in scarborough during the summer (normally late June to August) we can target them for a short while as part of your trip.


Every year is different here and the mackerel can arive earlier than expected or later and in good number or poor numbers depending on alot of factors like commercial fishing for them andthe weather.

When the Mackerel arrive this gives children an easy chance of catching something during there trip that can be taken home to cook if they like.


These best technique for catching mackerel is using feathers, hokkias or tinsel rigs and jigging them up and down at the depth they are swimming around.


We recommend anglers only use 2 to 3 hooks when mackerel fishing as they are far easier to control.

Mackerel when caught prefere to swim in circles and this can easily tangle with the person standing beside you doing the same thing.


We have no limit on how many mackerel an angler is allowed to take home as long as they are over legal size and we know they are not going to be left on the quay at the end of the trip.


Mackerel Fishing is great fun for all the family


First mackerel to be caught in

2014 - 21st June

2013 - 14th July

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