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Unfortunatly the weather can make or break a trip.

The night before your trip the SKIPPER will make the decision if it is safe to travel, or fishable. we look at the wind and sea conditions.


the Skipper has to look through several forcasts and use his knowlege of the area to determin if the trip is viable or safe.


on 3 hour trips we are not as leniant with the weather as we are on our longer trips as these are the trips youngsters and not so confident people travel on.


it is your responsibility to check if the trip is on before you travel, if you havent heard from the skipper by 7.00pm, give him a call to see if your trip is still on.


if your staying overnight or local please let the skipper know this as he can leave the decision until the morning just encase the forcast changes.


The sea can be a dangourous place to be and if the skipper has cancelled the trip, this is for good reason please respect this decission as he has the experence with the sea

Magic Seaweed - South Bay

Xc Weather - Scarborough

Met Office - Inshore Weather

Scarborough is within the whitby to gibralter point sector.

The boat has operational limits and it the skippers responsibility to ensure no risks are taken that would comprimise safty.

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