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Wreck Fishing


Fishing Wrecks off Scarborough

Close to Scarborough are many old ship wrecks, mainly ships that were sunk in the war, and some old trawlers. These wrecks can produce good Cod, Ling, Pollock, and many other fish.

We have 24 Wreck within 5nm of Scarborough, some we can even use on our 3 hour trips when weather and tides are correct. We also have 80 wrecks within 10 nm of Scarborough, we use these on our longer trips when tides are suitible (from these wrecks we have had some very good bags of fish with several anglers taking over 100lb of fish in 8 hours). Scarborough also has 116 wrecks within 15 nm but we have never needed to used these wrecks with passengers as the distances between wrecks can be a good steam away.


Most wrecks offer excellent fishing, but tackle losses due to snagging can be high, even in calm weather and a placid sea.

Fishing Wrecks

how we fish the wrecks is on the drift, the skipper will calculate the wind and the tide and work out the direction the boat will drift. then they will position the boat uptide of the wreck, when in position all you have to do is release your lead and tackle of choise down to the bottom. the wrecks we normally use are about 40m to 50m in depth.




there is several techniques which can be used on the wrecks from jigging, bait fishing or using shads and jellys.



The more recent technique is using shads as they mainly pick out the cod.






seams effective for ling, pouting and whiting with popular baits been Squid,and  Fresh or frozen Mackerel. these can be placed on whole to target ling or in strips to scratch out a varity of species. Cod will take bait but it is usually the ling and the pouting that get their first.

Skylark - Simple Ling Rig
Muppet and Pirk Rig.jpg
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