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Catch Report 1.9.23

Today we had a 6hr trip planned with a 3hr and a 2hr afterwards

We set off at 9am and the customers were been quite impatient so we decided to get fishing ASAP on a rock mark close to the harbour and strait away was into mackerel. This kept the customers happy and we had several runs managing to find a good few cod and Pollock also.

5lb 2oz Pollock

As fishing slowed down with ebbing tide reducing we decided to run further up the coast to get some more tide.

Again we found more mackerel, a few more cod and some whiting just off the rock.

As soon as the tide started turning the sea started building to a good meter which wasn't forcast and with a few of the customers suffering the effects of sea sickness we decided to run back for some shelter to from the swell. As we ran back the sea carried on building. Unfortunately conditions had picked up to the point it was unfishable so we were forced to return earlier than expected.

As we approached the harbour we did see some bottle nose dolphins in the harbour mouth again.

Photo sent to us from Stuart Ford from Becca Marie.

We cancelled the 2 hour trip at this point and the 3 hour trip we cancelled in person as the customers had travelled and paid for the parking so we offered to take them on a free ride out to see the dolphins for half an hour.

As soon as we left the harbour they soon released why we had cancelled the trip and after a bit of searching they all managed to see the dolphins heading south.

Unfortunately the forecast isn't always as predicted

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