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Catch report 18.7.21 3 hour

As we had good success on the wrecks and only 6 customers out of the 10 booked turning up we took our 3 hour trip back out to our inshore wrecks

Fishing was quite on the first wreck with only a few mackerel showing. So we headed further out and fishing was really good for new anglers.

The key is working the lures and after a few drifts a few customers got the hang of it unfortunalty some didn't catch and struggled to position thier tackle in the right place.

In total we had 10 cod upto 4lb, several mackerel and pouting

On the ride back we got a message that a angling boat had broken down so we towed it back in and when we got to the harbour enterence we were greated with a pod of bottle nose dolphins.

Unfortunatly no photos as we were too busy sorting the anglers catch then towing the vessel back.

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