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Catch Report 27.8.23

Another great day out today this time on the Cod

First Mark we went to produced a good few codlings and a cracking 12lb 6oz cod with a load of jumbo size mackerel.

Shads, hokkias and tube rigs seamed to work the best today tipping with squid seamed to also work but not as well as leaving unbaited and putting up with the mackerel.

Every mark we went to producing a nice stamp of clean fish.

Overall everyone caught a cod and plenty of plump mackerel which is always a bonus

Then as we steamed back to the harbour we were greated with a pod of 20+ bottle nose Dolphins off marine drive.

They were definitely not shy doing acrobatics and really showing off.

The pod we saw several tiny young dolphins only a few feet in size.


Our 3 hour trip with all new anglers was also as successful as we steamed out we managed to find the same pod of dolphins heading out.

As for the fishing it was pretty much instant with some really nice plump mackerel, a few pouting and again some nice cod occasionally coming over the side.

We did get a single showing of a minke whale also just as we headed in

Skylark heading back this evening

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