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Catch Report 3.9.23

As we left the harbour slack water was approaching so we had a quick go at fishing the last of the flooding tide.

We did manage to pick up a few mackerel but it was fairly slow going and most of the tide had already gone.

So we steamed off to our first mark at the point we said goodbye to one of our regular customers who had passed away earlier in the year. John has fished with us for many years now and his friends brought John's ashes with them to scatter at sea over one of our most productive marks this year.

Shortly after johns ashes were spread we managed to catch a couple of Pollock which was quite ironic as it was always johns favorite fish to catch.

After several drifts fishing did slow so we moved mark to mark slowly added fish to the buckets until the tide just got too much and the water had started to colour up so we anchored up and went onto upride and downtide fishing

Paul with a nice 4lb codling could on squid on a flowing trace

Skipper Nick Gough with a 10lb 2oz cod caught on a whole squid, a salted crab wing and a frozen lugworm on a 4/0 pulley pennel rig on the upride rod

As the tide slowed down we lifted the anchor and went back to drifting lures and bait again this did produce a few fish but was pretty much steady fishing moving mark to mark


Our second trip our last 3 hour trip of the year which did start very slow we tried several marks only to produce a whiting and mackerel then it was very quite for nearly an hour

As fishing was so slow we kept trying different marks to try and produce a better fish eventually we did find a nice 3lb Pollock.

And just at the end of the trip we managed to find a school of mackerel so we stayed out a little bit longer than planned to try and get everyone a fish and for other to fill their buckets

The conditions today were absolutely perfect with a flat glassy sea and the sunset was perfect we did manage to see some porpoise in the north bay as we headed back in.

Our next 3 hour trip will now be May next year when the waters clear back up again

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