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Catch Report 8.6.23

Some of the fish from today 6 hour trip

Unfortunately I didn't take many photos today to busy having a good chat with the customers. But these were fish we had early on today.

Not the best conditions today with a good rolling swell, so we fished at anchor to keep the head of the boat to sea to make it a more pleasurable trip.

Overall everybody caught a few to take home each which is always a bonus. With the spring tide the water does look to have coloured up again so it was back to bait fishing.

Fishing today was better through the ebb tide with the flood calming the sea down and we tried fishing on the drift with baited rigs and we did manage to get a few more fish but unfortunately not as many as we had during the morning.

Overall throughout the day we had a good variety of species such as Cod, Pollock , coalfish, ballen wrasse, pouting, and lesser spotted dogfish.

Hope the guys today all enjoy there fish

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