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Catch Report 26.8.23

Our first trip of the day started at 8am What perfect sea conditions with a light easterly breeze

We ran strait out with fishing been steady away from the start mainly codlings around 2 to 4lb. Not as many ling today biting like the day before but the codling definitely made up for that.

Best fish of the day unfortunately wasn't landed due to a unexpected visitor which ripped the entire fish off at the surface then circled the boat for a bit. The unexpected visitor was a shark around 6 to 7 meters in length. After this turned up fishing went very quite compared to this morning so took us a while to get back on the fish again.

Overall the customers had a good amount of fillets to take home

Heaviest fish was a tight one today between a cod weighing 9lb 2oz and a ling at 9lb 1oz

(Very large mackerel which took a 6inch sidewinder shad)

As we were about to return we saw mass of bird diving and about 30 to 40 very large seals feeding amount. Unfortunately we didn't see what they were feeding on.

When returning we took a second trip out at 4pm


As fishing seamed to be better further out we decided to have a good steam out

Fishing was steady away with plenty of pouting coming over the rails unfortunately the customers lost the bigger fish been inexperienced and over bulling the fish ripping the hooks. But after advising them how to wind them up they did manage to get some Cod, Pollock and ling up to 7lb

On the way back home we had several minke sightings and a stunning sunset cruise back to the harbour

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