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Day 7, of Our FAQ

Is not a question we have ever been asked but one we would like to share.

What is our proudest moment (not fishing)?

This is a difficult one as we have done some spectacular jobs over the years working with many celebrities,

bringing in Santa Clause, before he parades up towards the boyes store

But our proudest moment has to be: working with a local swimming club (Kingfishers Swimming club)

To complete a sea swim of the entire Yorkshire Coast from Staites to Speeton as a relay.

my first thoughts when i was asked if we could do this with the club was they must be barking mad

We had used the Skylark before as a support boat for Scalby mills to the Spa but this is a few miles not the 42NM they were planning to do.

With alot of planning and swimming training The Kingfishers team have completed the swim twice.

In 2014 the swimmers completed the swim in 17 hours 18 minutes and 19 seconds

And in 2016 the swimmers managed to beat their original swim in 16 hours 9 minutes and 38 seconds.

Both swims had massive challenges within them. From having jelly fish stings, battling swell and the many strong tides we have in this area it was a mammoth challenge.

The Kingfishers Open water swimming club have done several swims locally Filey to Scarborough, Castle foot swims. And many further afield like the channel, bala, windermere, lock ness and many more. This paticular sea swim crossing three busy harbours with plenty of leasure and commercial craft to avoid will take some beating in my eyes.

more details can be found on our website

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