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Day 9, of Our FAQs

We have had another question submitted for our daily questions and answers by Kevin D.

"Q for daily Q & A. Mono or Braid, pros and cons? Kev"

Both lines have thier advantages in shore and boat fishing. im pursuming you mean for use as a mainline so ill start there

Braid has very little stretch meaning the angler can feel more what is going on so, its alot more expensive than mono, and its alot thinner than mono for its strengh rating meaning it cuts through the tide and water better giving less drag so a lighter lead can be used.

Personally i prefer braid over mono because of these properties but it does have its negatives

when playing fish its alot easier to overbully them and rib the hooks out as the line as no give where mono.

Its a nightmare to untangle if it get rapped up on the spool from over runs, and if it gets caught with other lines and can easily become knotted the thinner the braid the harder the knots are to get out.

With braid having a low diameter it can be dangerous if it wraps around hands or fingers esspecially when under tention and can cut like cheese wire through skin to the bone.

Because of these disadvantages this is why we choise to spool our customer rods with mono rather than braid as its safer, easier to use just means we use slighly more lead to get the lines down than we would have to use with braid.

also if a customer doesnt use the equipment properly keeping contact with the spool as the lines released and a over run occurs its alot cheaper to replace.

so for snood lines i would only use a memory free mono because its less visable in the water, it rarely tangles around the rig body or the main line on skylark we use a 30 to 40lb snood line for all our inshore fishing. when wreck fishing we use alot stronger line 80lb plus this is due to ling having teeth which damage the line. or if were targeting ling i prefer to use a wire trace so we dont have to change it as often.

as for rig bodies and leaders again i only use mono this is because its alot more abbrasive resistant and can take the shock if cast typically i would use a 80lb shock leader.

im hoping this answers your question kev

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