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Catch report 16.04.23

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

It's great to be back out at sea with passengers again.

Today started off just like yesterday with us coming across a pod of dolphins shortly after leaving the harbour.

Fishing today seamed to start like a dream with codling coming over the sides of the boat constantly for a good 45 mins. Unfortunately, it didn't last, and as the tide eased, so did the fishing with us having to keep moving to keep finding the tide and the odd codling.

At the end of the day, the anglers had some good sport on light tackle,

Heaviest fish today was a codling weighing 4lb 6oz.

We have seen a few different species over the weekend codling, pouting, lesser spotted dogfish, a sea scorpion, and a dab.

Over the weekend, the wildlife has been stunning with gannets already gliding about, razorbills and guilimots, and kittiwakes buzzing about.

This is a really good sign that summer will soon be here

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