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Catch Report 28.8.23

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

We set off at 8am this morning and the winds were alot stronger than expected but we pushed through it with a bit of a lumpy sea and ended up again with not a bad day at all.

Fishing was challenging at times when the wind and tide ran together really increasing the drift speed so after a few relocations we found the right tide and fish again.

A good stamp of fish showing around the 3 to 5lb area with some huge mackerel and a few better size pollock

Alan with some of his fish

As we fished our last mark of the day a large pod of bottle nose dolphins made a show before we headed back.


Our second trip of the day was a 3 hour which we decided to travel back to where was fishing before and get the first of the ebb. When arriving the tide just hadn't got there yet but as soon as it did the mackerel were back on and a few cod coming over the rails

We did get a better cod on this trip weighing 10lb 2oz

Unfortunately we didn't see the dolphins this trip but all the customers were happy with their bags of fish to take home

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