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Catch Report 30.10.22

A short video of today's trip which was similar to yesterday's

Every mark we went to today produced a good few fish then seamed to dry up so we did steam about abit today following the tide to maximise fishing for the lads.

As you can see from the short video they had a good mixed bag of really clean fish in fact only 1 codling we had to day was a local kelp cod.

Heaviest fish today was a 4.6lb Codling with serveral other around the 4lb area

Species wise we had a nice mix of codling, pollock, pouting, dogfish, and ballen wrasse today

Not the best of conditions today with the wind and rain.

On the trip we did see see a good amount of wildlife with a lonely half black beaked puffin following us around for a bit. a few gannets still showing, two bottle nose dolphins, several seals and even a Peregrine Falcon hunting a poor bird which we couldn't Id as it was frantically trying to get away and it did.

we had a good mix of bait going down today crab cart, dirty squid, frozen calimari, octopus, mussels, bluey, mackerel, black lug.

Octopus caught nothing even tipped which i expected as ive never had anything on it before

A few fish fell to the crab cart, mussel.

But the same as yesterday the dirty squid seamed to outfit everything even on its own.

We tried tipping other baits with it but it didn't really show much preference. The calamari caught a couple but no where near as the dirty squid.

The best brand I've found while doing the trips is the Sam's c6 dirty squid in 400g packets link below showing our prefered bait.

These are ideal size for fishing whole or the larger ones in the pack in halfs

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