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Catch report 02.10.22

Some of the fish caught on today's trip

Unfortunatly I was to busy fishing and helping the customers out so didn't get many pictures.

Everybody caught something which is what we want

Overall they had a good amount of codling to take back majority been 40 to 50cm with a couple of better fish 4 to 5lb and the biggest of the day was 7lb 10oz.

We saw a wide array of other species aswel on todays trip with ballen wrasse lesser spotted dogfish, pouting and a few pollock around the 4lb area.

Best bait today was dirty squid and frozen black lug fished on a uptide rod on a 4/0 pully penned rig with 6oz grip lead. Today this set up took over 10 codling alone.

The down tide rods did catch well but nothing compared to this today.

We did manage to get a glimpse of a pod of about 10 bottle nose dolphins heading south as we left the harbour unfortunalty we didn't take any photos

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