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Catch Report 31.8.23

Today we had a 6 hour trip to start with fishing was instant for us this morning as mentioned in a previous social post the skipper got a cracking 9lb 3oz Pollock which ended up been the heaviest fish of the day. Only 6 customers on this trip so skipper made the most of the extra space on the boat

Skipper Nick Gough with a 9lb 3oz Pollock caught on a skylark tackle uv ruby coloured vibro shad with 3/0 20g lead head

Overall the customers had a few cod and Pollock was slow going compared to what we have seen recently but with the winds and the tides its coloured the water a bit but lures were still working.

Once the ebbing tide was gone we kept moving marks trying to locate the fish and it was slow going for a bit until we found the tide again.


The 3 hour trip was slow starting with a few Pollock showing and a few cod we tried several marks to try and pick up some mackerel but with no success

until the last 30 minutes of the trip and we then managed to find them in abundance.

While fishing we saw Frank Rothwell row by

On the way back to the harbour we saw all the passenger boats stationary in the harbour enterence when we looked closer we noticed a pod of bottle nose dolphins so we came in slightly later than expected and watched the dolphins leave.

Bottle nose Dolphins in the south bay Scarborough this evening around 5.30pm

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