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Catch report 05.06.21 8 hour trip

We ran off to the wrecks today as that's what the customers wanted.

The tides were perfect and with hardly any winds the drifts were really slow.

The lads started plucking fish off the wrecks strait from the off, but after a few drift the wrecks just didn't produce anymore so we had to move around alot.

The visibility has massively improved now on the wrecks and shads just started to start working. But squid baited rigs seamed to produce the most and better fish today.

Overal the lads had a good amount of fillets to take home

Nothing massive caught on this trip but a good stamp of cod around the 3 to 5lb area and several ling around 5 to 7lb

Catch Report 5.06.2021 8 hour trip

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