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Catch Report 29.8.23

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We set off today at 8am and pretty much sprinted to our first inshore mark to catch the last of the tide which produced strait away loads of plump mackerel. Unfortunately we just couldn't seam to get through them.

Some of the customers switched to baited rigs and shads to try and avoid them but the mackerel still managed to find them eventually

After a couple of moves we did manage to pick up a few cod.

The low water slack came and we tried our best moving marks to find that last bit of tide we could but unfortunately it was gone

We ran off to a inshore wreck for slack water but all it produced was a few pouting and mackerel again.

Then as the tide came on so did the fishing with a good steady steam of codlings coming over the rails and the mackerel seamed to calm down also

Heaviest fish on this trip was a cracking 20lb 3oz Cod which was 94cm long.

It was caught on a lemon and white 100mm sawamura to shad with 3/0 20g lead head. Unbelievable it was his first time fishing.

Cod with 100mm pearl sawamura shad and lead head

Mark with a 5lb 6oz Cod caught on a blue 4" sidewinder shad

Caught on a 100mm Sawamura shad

Again caught on a yellow glitter 100cm sawamura Shad

Overall another good trip with some nice clean fillets coming onboard along with plenty of large mackerel some of them were close to 2lb alone

Shads seemed to have the advantage today to keep away from the mackerel a bit but we did catch quite a few mackerel on the shads also.


After dropping the customers off for this morning we ran out on a second trip

We started closer to the harbour and fishing was pretty much instant with mackerel and then some really plump whiting. Unfortunately no Cod showing so we moved further down and the tide had completely gone at this point so we decided to run to a inshore wreck to get the incoming slack tide and we managed to find a few cod and link with several pouting aswel.

Caught on a whole squid baited on a 5/0 hooks on a flowing trace.

As we seamed around marine drive back to the harbour the customers managed to get a glimpse of 2 harbour porpoise

We do have some spaces available this week look at our other posts

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