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Catch Report 30.08.23

Short video from todays trip which due to the predicted winds coming in earlier than expected.

With it being a fresh North Westley wind forecast we ran to fishing marks that gave shelter in such conditions. For the first few hours this wasn't a problem at all and we saw loads of big mackerel coming over the rails.

After a couple of moves we located where the cod had moved to and we had a steady picking of 2 to 4lb codlings

Young Charlie did his usual trick and was pulling a fish over nearly ever drift

As the tide fell away the wind switched to a strong northerly breeze which really made fishing challenging with the wind and tide been in the same direction.

We tried fishing at anchor but unfortunately there was just too much movement and only the dogfish started biting.

So we decided to relocate and try and find some shelter from the northerly wind which unfortunately just didn't work we were drifting away too fast.

As the customers had some fish to take back we decided to call the trip short after 5hrs

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